Having been in the field of medicine for over 34 years, Alan M. Lewis, PA-C, is a certified physician assistant at Alon Family Health in San Antonio, Texas. Alan has experience in family medicine and urgent care, as well as in the emergency department. 

Prior to joining Alon Family Health, Alan ran multiple rural clinics, as well as an urgent care center. He has coordinated efforts with local emergency medical services (EMS) in rural communities, providing medical care. He previously served as the Assistant Medical Director of a county EMS and a volunteer firefighter before relocating with his family to live in the central Texas area. Alan was also part of an elite Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) for the federal government for 14 years and was deployed to help during terrorist attacks and natural disasters throughout the United States. 

Alan is a licensed paramedic and has worked as a paramedic in Milwaukee, Chicago, and New York, and maintains his paramedic license in Texas. He is a paramedic field trainer and preceptor as well as a physician assistant and nurse practitioner preceptor. Alan also holds a position on the Texas Medical Board (TMB) as an expert consultant and is an instructor in many advanced medical courses. He has been awarded numerous lifesaving awards and other career-related honors.  Outside of work, Alan is married and has two college-age children.